Child [AU] – Heavy Blues + Lee Van Cleef (IT) – Heavy Psych

Wann: Back to Calendar 16. Oktober 2018 – 18. Oktober 2018 (all-day)
Kategorien: Live Psychodelic & Stoner Rock


Wir sind sehr glücklich, dass das Stoner-Blues-Rock-Trio CHILD aus Melbourne, Australien kurzfristig einem Konzert in Freiburg zugesagt hat. Am Dienstag den 16. Oktober wird das Trio aus Down Under dem Freiburger Publikum einheizen!

Der Support wird die Band Heavy Psych Band Lee Van Cleef (IT) – sein. Das italienische Trio ist ebenfalls zum ersten Mal live in Freiburg im White Rabbit Club zu sehen!

Das vielbeachtete Album „Holy Smoke“ war der Durchbruch für die drei Italiener aus Neapel! Jetzt sind sie auf Tour und werden dem Freiburger Publikum mächtig einheizen.

Tickets und weitere Informationen hier:



Hailing from the urban wilds of Melbourne, Australia, CHILD combine the heavy emotion of the blues with the tone and raw power of hard rock to create a visceral musical experience that reaches right into the chest of listeners.

Since the release of their runaway self-titled debut in 2014, CHILD have continued to develop their unique brand of heavy blues through constant writing and extensive touring. The band released the follow-up ‘Blueside’ in December 2016, which builds on this foundation to deliver a slab of pure sonic expression following in the long tradition of the blues.

Following the release of ‘Blueside’, CHILD spent 2017 on the road throughout Australia and Europe. On their return, and before starting work on LP number 3, CHILD took the opportunity to do something a little different and gave us the EP ‘I’, released digitally in March 2018.

The freedom and sheer power of live performance is an important part of CHILD’s approach to music, and they look forward to again bringing this to the world while continuing their search for the ultimate union of feeling, tone and raw expression.

The project Lee Van Cleef starts as a joke at the end of 2015 in Naples,south of Italy,from the basement jams of three guys who love Black Sabbath,Jimi Hendrix and psychedelic cosmic trips.
After the release of the self produced single tracks “Banshee” and “Mahana” on Bandcamp, they recorded a full length for the german label White Dwarf;
The album “Holy Smoke” was released in 2016 reaching over then 200.000 visualizations on YouTube and a lot of positive and overwhelming reviews from the most important communities of the new heavy psychedelic rock scene,such like The Obelisk,Stoned Meadow of Doom,More Fuzz etc (Bandcamp includes Lee Van Cleef in its personal list of the best new psych rock italian bands,together with guys like Ennio Morricone,Squadra Omega and Black Rainbows).
With the first run of vinyls quickly sold out,the band played at the polish summer fest Red Smoke its first european show,sharing the stage with the legendary californian band Acid King,as well as a bunch of powerful names like Kadavar and Elder.
They made a small european trip with Electric Octopus and Mythic Sunship in the spring of 2018,before hitting the studio once again for a new split album with the Godfathers of japanese psychedelia Acid Mothers Temple,who’ll see the light on october.
Lee Van Cleef will touring once again around Europe in the upcoming autumn,check the social channels of the band for all the confirmed shows.



Marco Adamo: guitars and random vocals
Pietro La Tegola: bass
Guido Minervini: drums




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