Tajak (Mex) – Psychedelic Space Rock Konzert

Wann: Back to Calendar 27. September 2018 – 28. September 2018 (all-day)
Kategorien: Live Psychodelic & Stoner Rock

TAJAK (MEX). Das Psychedelic-Space-Rock Trio Tajak aus Mexico sind zum ersten Mal in Freiburg zu Gast. Am Donnerstag den 27. September wird die Band ihre Künste im White Rabbit Club darbieten.

Vorverkauf und weitere Informationen hier:


Hier noch die Biografie der Jungs:

„Chaos, hypnosis, repeated chords until exhaustion and the sense of
disorder. Tajak has been called in numerous ways yet “Apocalypse in the
shape of sound” fits perfectly to what the band has achieved as their live
Tajak, from the kiliwa dialect: skeleton, was founded in Mexico City,
though all the members come from Baja California, the band is currently
the lead project in the Mexican avant-garde and underground
experimentation circuit due their complex and unique take on drone and


Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/685668478458537/

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