Konzert: River Rats (Berlin) + Aftershow: Bretterbude

Wann: Back to Calendar 21. Juni 2018 – 22. Juni 2018 (all-day)
Kategorien: Jazz Live

From the depths of the Spree and its canals come the River Rats! They drag two guitars, double-bass and violin through the gloomy tunnels of Berlin to their moon-lit sessions. Influenced by the diminished lines of Django Reinhardt, the heart of the variété française and the spirit of old-time country and blues, the Rats wander between the ragged niches of Kreuzberg’s street jams and the glamorous grand theater. With members from Italy, France and Germany, the River Rats combine the north and the south, dark and light, contemplation and euphoria.



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Die Bretterbude e. V. feiert die CSD-Woche mit einem r/t der besonderen Art. Weniger Techno, dafür mehr New Wave, EBM-Klassiker und queere Musik von queeren Künstler*innen.

Luedenscheidt, „Guilty Pleasure“-Set // Bretterbude
(New Wave, 80s, Divine Disco, Elektronika, Tech-House)

Klingberg // Reach Another System
New Wave, EBM, Techno

Peng // Bretterbude
Electro, Eurodance

Den Erlös spenden wir dem CSD Freiburg-OrgaTeam 

Celebrate the Pride!

Event-Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/644271752586969/

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