Konzert mit THELL BARRIO

Wann: Back to Calendar 16. Juli 2017 – 17. Juli 2017 (all-day)

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Deep In The Woods präsentiert:

Thell Barrio (Mexiko) live in Freiburg, die Band spielt einen furiosen Mix aus Brujeria, Asesino, Napalm Death und Sepultura! Brutaler Latin-Core, Thell Barrio ist die neue südamerikanische Sensation für alle Fans extremer Metal/Hardcore Musik mit harten Texten von der Straße, präsentiert in englischer und spanischer Sprache!

THELL BARRIO, was formed in late 2005 with the basic idea to make the voices of those who have always been oppressed by every kind and form of power and had their chance to say what they felt , they also grew in neighborhoods of Mexico where all kinds of problems are experienced , so with an idea and a firm conviction than once starting there was no turning back. Thell Barrio from Mexico, a furious mash of Brujeria, Asesino, Napalm Death and Sepultura! As brutal as it can get, Thell Barrio is the new South American sensation for all extreme metal fans into raw street wise lyrics coming both in English and Spanish!




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