Konzert: ZEUS! (Noise Band from Italy)

Wann: Back to Calendar 14. Juni 2018 – 15. Juni 2018 (all-day)
Kategorien: Techno Techno Techtrance

ZEUS! is an Italian blasting drums and bass duo from Bologna, formed in 2009.
The first self-titled album was released in 2010 by a coproduction of Italian labels: Off- set, Bar LaMuerte, Escape From Today, Shove, Sangue Dischi, Smartz Records, and distributed by Venus.

The second album „Opera“ was released in 2013 for the cult San Diego based label Three One G, with the featuring of Justin Pearson from The Locust in the song „Sick And Destroy”. Distributed by Red Eye and Frenchkiss Label Group/The Orchard. Both records received excellent reviews in Italian, European and American magazines and webzines.

The new third album, MOTOMONOTONO, will be released on Sept 15th by Three One G, Tannen Records and Sangue Dischi; distributed by Audioglobe: IT, Season of Mist: FR, Plastic Head: rest of UE.

In all these years ZEUS! has incessantly been touring all around Europe.

ZEUS! aims at using the minimum in order to get the maximum and is: not metal, not punk, not math, not noise, not prog, absolutely not jazz-core, neither post-whatever.
For petardo lovers.

ZEUS! are:
Luca Cavina: distorted bass and screams
Paolo Mongardi: drums



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