Rabbit Klubnacht mit Renata + June As (Beirut/Frequent Defect)

Wann: Back to Calendar 1. September 2018 – 2. September 2018 (all-day)
Kategorien: Experimentell Techno


Renata und june (as) sind zwei Djs hinter dem industriellen Projekt Frequent Defect in Beirut. Die Parties, die sie veranstalten, bietet den alternativen Menschen Beiruts einen einzigartigen Raum an, in dem sie teil einer eutopischen Gesellschaft sein können, und diese zu lauter
post-apocayptischen Musik erleben können.

Auf jeden Fall eins der wenigen Symbole von Freiheit im Libanon.


Renata / june (as) / Amer

Doors: 23:00 – 05:00


Music conception heavily charged by environment, inspirations, and personal growth. Started off mixing in London which then took a turn towards other European cities pounding gems collected throughout the journey. Resident and co-founder of ‚The Calling‘ – a London-based Techno party and community that provides a platform for passionate locals to share their music. Her recent return to Lebanon saw her direct an inner focus on her progression and using a keen grasp of her favorite parts of music to find inspiration and create her concept. This lead the way to working on her own productions and focusing on experimentation and live performances.

june (as)

Derived from the early industrial transgressive and provocative discharges that transmuted into relentless subversion of the exalted values of the assembly-line civilization, and onwards. Based in Lebanon, june has been a trigger of an industrial disruption, establishing Frequent Defect and launching a real attempt at regaining what has been seized. His music is devised as an anthology of introspective cratering, depicted through strenuously mental and message-laden sound elements. All details of the deconstruction pertaining to the machine with five hearts.

Über Frequent Defect:

Frequent Defect is a response to an age where the access and control of information are the primary tools of power. The initial purpose is to serve as a commentary on modern society by eschewing what is seen as overworked connections to the past, breaking censorship and tabooed subject matter. Frequent Defect provides a safe space where powerful and radical artistic expressions, ideas and performances are nurtured to further challenge a constant stream of control, and an organizational autonomy allowing artists to freely work on and showcase their art


Event-Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/682224242129626/

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